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Servicing your vehicle

Not only do we do repair work, but we do oil services as well! We choose to call an oil change a "service" because that is what we make it. Not only do we change your oil, but we check all fluids, belts, hoses, tire pressures, lights, and brakes. We also take the time to note any needed repairs. We make your service experience hassle-free. We are happy to offer early bird and night-owl drop-box service and local shuttle service to your home or office.

At The Auto Hospital, we know how busy you are and want to help keep your vehicle in top condition. We offer free service reminders. When it is time for maintenance, we remember for you! We also provide a free service called MechanicNet that allows our customers to check out the history of repairs we have done to their vehicles. To check out the repair history on your vehicle just click on the My Car tab.